Taxi Service in Kapurthala

Taxi Service in Kapurthala is a basic need of all NRIs and local residents who reside in and around Kapurthala. With the introduction of Kapurthala to Delhi Oneway taxi services, one can save a handsome amount of total cost which has to be paid earlier. This service is available for both sides Kapurthala to Delhi Oneway taxi and Delhi to Kapurthala oneway. The oneway taxi service is given one point to another point. The total journey takes around 8 to 10 hours. Normally the driver of the cab stops only once on the way, but it can be stopped more than once accordingly. There are many famous and good Dhabas are there, on the way so its customer’s choice to fix where they want to stop. This oneway taxi service is a privilege to the customers who want only oneway services. 

Kapurthala to Delhi One way Taxi Service

You can book Kapurthala to Delhi one way Taxi for just Rs. 6499/- by calling +91-92-1600-4000. While going to Delhi the entire road on this route is good so that customers can choose any time for traveling. Eating joints are located at very short distances on this route. Customers can have Breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well, on the way. Other than eating or any genuine purpose there are waiting charges accordingly for stopping the vehicle. All cabs are having a good music system so that customers can enjoy the way with music

The prescribed route is Kapurthala – Jalandhar – Ludhiana – Ambala – Karnal – Panipat – Delhi… But if somebody wants to change the route then it is also possible with paying extra charges accordingly. Extra staying or taking extra halt on the way is also chargeable. Generally, 2 halts having stay for 15 to 30 minutes are allowed.

Kapurthala to Delhi taxi fare





Silent Feature

  • 24 Hours Services
  • No hidden charge
  • Easy Pick & drop in all locations
  • Well behaved drivers
  • All cars enabled GPS